On pitänyt kirjoittaa vaikka mitä, mutta eipä ole ehtinyt/jaksanut. Laitetaan tähän nyt sitten selostus, jonka kirjoitin juuri Applelle. Mac-vihaajat voivat taputtaa karvaisia käsiään; mun kone on maanantaikappale:


Macbook Pro4,1 (early 2008),  SMC Version (system): 1.27f3 

After upgrading Snow Leopard and the firmware a couple of weeks ago, my quite new (5 month old, with less than 200 cycles) battery started telling me to 'Service Battery'. I took it to the MacHouse and they tested it on my computer. They said it had a problem charging and sent for a new battery.

After 9 days I got a brand new battery. After installing the brand new battery the light on the cord of my Magsafe (also quite new, only 5 months old since the previous one frayed and sparked) stayed dim green. It was still charging, but very slowly. I tried to follow the instructions on the Apple site about charging the battery fully and then letting it discharge fully, with the machine going to sleep after all power was gone. The problem was, I could not then wake it up from sleep.

I needed to take the battery out and do a SMC reset to get my machine back up. Of course, this was then a full boot and not a wake up from sleep. After the SMC reset the light on my Magsafe stayed orange for a few minutes so I thought the problem was fixed. Unfortunately, the issue soon reappeared. Now I am afraid of the battery failing and instead of going neatly to sleep, the computer crashing and losing work.

As my battery is brand new and my Magsafe is quite new, I presume the problem is not with them. Furthermore, the MacHouse gurus were experiencing the same 'Not charging' problem when they tested my machine with its previous battery, on their own Magsafe. Therefore, the problem could be even with the logic board.

Now, I'm basically a happy Mac user, as I find the operating system much better than the competing ones. But I do have to say this machine has given me a lot of grief especially compared to the price I paid for it. I decided to dole out almost 1600 euros of my scant savings for a Mac because of its trustworthy reputation. I work as a photographer. This Mac is the only computer I have to process and edit my images on. I need a machine which is basically always there when I need it. So far, my Macbook Pro has had the following components replaced:




Hard Drive

Battery (twice)

If I had not decided to spend almost 300 more for AppleCare, I would've been in trouble. As it is, I am not losing money because of having to pay for repairs (yet), but I am losing work because my Macbook Pro is spending a lot of time at the repair shop.

After my experiences with this machine, I cannot quite recommend a Macbook Pro. Even though my old IBM Thinkpad was somewhat clumsier to work with, it still does not have any failed components and it is now 8 years of age. As I do like Apple products for their usability and convenience, I would like to see Apple offer real reliability and quality. Please fix this as soon as possible. 

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  2. Ja niitä myydään Suomessa??!

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    Kerro sitten, mitä ne vastaa.