"It's not your father's Star Trek"

Tuo otsikon lause oli mainoslause uudelle Trek-elokuvalle ja myös uudelle pelille, josta blogasin jonkin aikaa sitten. Uuden ajan Trek, enemmän toimintaa ja seikkailua, vähemmän pohdintaa ja moralisointia. Less QQ, more pew pew.

Tällainen se nyt on:

"So, Cryptic storywriters, tell me....why did I just massacre a bar?


Specifically the trading station or whatever mission. I'm being a jerk to a ferengi, tick of the bar crowd, they pull some phasers.......and there is an awful lot of bodybags after that. 


Who I intruded on.

And then angered.

And massacred.

I mean, okay, depopulating half the klingon empire every away mission was groan worthy, but I bore through it. It's an MMO, a game, whatever. No stunning or taking prisoners ever, and every ship I fight in space blows up with all hands unless they're scripted to beam out or something. Yeah, more groaning, whatever, it was a bad idea but I can deal with it. Having killed more people than I saw die during the dominion war (INCLUDING THE ORBITAL BOMBARDMENT OF CARDASSIA) in less than ten hours....okay it's a really stupid game let's just suck it up and move on.

But you just had me kill civilians en masse. As a federation starfleet officer in good standing, and I got applauded for it.

There just.....isn't words for that. Though I'll try: What. The. Hell?"






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