Uusi hallitus, uudet kujeet

Dutchnews.comissa on varsin kattava englanninkielinen lista uuden hallituksen tavoitteista. Tässä jotain pikaisia poimintoja (anteeksi englanninkielisyys, mutten ehdi kääntää järkevästi).

  • General amnesty for long-term asylum seekers
  • Social housing rent to rise no more than inflation
  • Parental leave to be extended from 13 weeks in total to 26 weeks (niin niin, vähän se on yhä)
  • Measures will be taken to combat violence against homosexuals under the motto 'respect the

  • Employers, particulary in education, will be encouraged to put more women in top jobs
  • Eco-tax on air travel (generating €350m)
  • Minister for the environment will also have control over energy policy
  • New car tax to penalise environmentally unfriendly vehicles
  • Experiments with free public transport for certain groups
  • 30% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020 (jaa-a, saa nähdä)
  • School books to be free from the next academic year
  • Dental check ups and birth control pill back in basic health insurance package
  • No privatisation of Schiphol airport
  • Tougher sentences for animal abuse
  • A bill on animal welfare to be introduced before the end of this year
  • Cuts in civil service jobs to save €750m
  • No inquiry into Dutch support for the war in Iraq
  • Créches will not be free
  • Tax break for non-working partners to be phased out over 20 years
  • More controlled competition in healthcare
  • Cafés, restaurants and bars to be smoke free by 2011 (ja tää on negatiivista siksi, että VASTA silloin)
  • An end to the growth in Sunday shopping
Muusta en nyt vielä osaa oikein sanoa, kun en ole ehtinyt perehtyä.

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